How to Protect Your Paintings From Environmental Conditions

If you own art, you are probably aware that conditions such as humidity or temperature can cause damage to it. When talking about protection from these conditions, it must be considered whether you want to preserve oil or acrylic paintings, art on paper, or gilt frames. Another factor to be considered is the geographical location and the climate of it. Artwork needs a stable environment to avoid conditional damage.

The temperature and humidity can damage materials when the moisture spreads in or out of the surrounding air making artworks soak it up. Let us compare this to your laundry; take, for example, your beloved Ikea couch covers that you often throw in the wash. The temperature and humidity of the washing machine and hot, dry air of the dryer over time will damage the fibers of the covers. The same happens to the fibers of artwork, only at a different rate.

Here are some tips on how to minimize the risk of environmental conditions damaging your artwork, along with storing and transporting that will ensure you are protecting your artwork correctly:

  • Control the temperature, and don’t keep your artwork in rooms that are prone to extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Control the humidity level adjusting it to the temperature. 40 to 60% relative humidity is the best.
  • Hang your artwork correctly on interior walls and away from heaters, humidifiers, and fireplaces, etc.

These methods will ensure you years of proudly showing your favorite pieces.