Following the Reflections of Art in Cinema

The impact of visual and performing arts on our daily lives continues to increase. Among the tight business schedules, upcoming project deadlines, and work-life stress, the time people spend watching or participating in visual or performing arts creates a meditative and positive impact on human psychology. Rather than spending hours and weeks in front of PCs, people prefer enriching their vision and broadening their perspectives with different art pieces. Therefore, the presence of art can be claimed to heal all the psychological wounds in the human soul. Cinema, an indispensable area and a creative sector where people can attain happiness and satisfaction in a short period, also possesses the reflections of art in many feature movies. People’s curiosity for exploring more art pieces encourages producers and moviemakers to redirect their orientation towards different branches of art more and more. The cinema audience seeks for the combination of mystery and the beauty of art. While trying to be beautiful in real life using cosmetics such as Verso Skincare, Armani perfume, or any other beauty material, the cinema audience follows the footsteps of the golden ratio, phi, that is believed to be the explanation of the soul of art in every piece.

Exploring the Mystical Power of Art in Cinema

Many movie productions have recently turned their faces to the unknown pieces of art to tell the mysterious stories behind them and reflect the feelings that people would have felt if they had known the artistic values and principles of that piece of art. In 2006, The Da Vinci Code drove all the attention on the Renaissance art and the working principles of that era. People started to question the reasons and the values that shaped the famous Mona Lisa painting. In digital broadcasting platforms, the documentaries on impressionism and the life of Van Gogh became very popular. On a global scale, many people wanted to understand the frame of mind that Van Gogh was in when he was creating his famous paintings. Most recently, on a very renowned digital cinema platform, The Gift was launched as a TV series that starts telling its story with art galleries and a painter who doesn’t know that her story will end up among ancient ruins aging back a hundred and twenty thousand years.