Most Unusual Art Galleries

Sometimes the standard type of art gallery is not enough. Sometimes people want to see something that offers a quirky twist.

Those who have ever wondered how so much bad art has managed to survive will love to pay a visit to the Museum of Bad Art, spread out over three venues in the city of Boston. There is an online option for those who cannot travel that far. The museum will consider any ugly work of art!

Underground art is one way in which the authorities are bringing artwork to the public so it isn’t always necessary to go to a traditional art gallery to see new works. The metro/subway systems in cities such as London, Moscow, and Naples are considered to be just as good a place to display art. While people always seem to be in a hurry, some still take the time to stop and look at the work being exhibited.

Amsterdam is a city that will give the visitor a new perspective on art, with several unusual art galleries including the Mediamatic Fabriek. This gallery is an interactive gallery that has linked gaming and art to create a whole new experience.